Newly Released Fitness Book, THE HEALTHY IMAGE By AJ Ormiston Encourages Focus on Core Strength

Embracing a new fitness plan for many ends up meaning an introduction to the word injury. In this newly released book, core strength exercises are targeted to reduce injury and improve wellness as well as help lose weight. Back pain and injury are two primary reasons well-intended fitness program participants end up needing a trip to the Emergency Room. Jumping into an exercise program without building a foundation of core strength and flexibility invites unintended over exertion. Physiological imbalance, from the lack of core strength focused training, can inadvertently result in immobility and loss of motivation towards physical fitness.

Even among elite athletes, spinal mobility and core strength training are essential components to overall fitness that are often under estimated. In tandem spinal mobility along with core strength, help to optimize athletic performance; while also setting a solid baseline for those who are getting back into fitness.

According to an article published on the website entitled "Spinal Mobility: The Missing Link Of Core Training" Nate Koch states the following. "Modern-day triathletes have evolved their training to include more cross-training activities with a strong emphasis on increasing core strength. This trend reduced injury rates and allowed athletes to perform at higher levels. However, in most core strengthening programs, one key component is consistently overlooked: spinal mobility. By increasing spinal mobility, triathletes can optimize bike fit and comfort, prevent injury and enhance performance."<

AJ Ormiston the founder of and the Fitness Fuzion workout program has outlined the importance of spinal mobility and core strength as a fitness factor intended to promote long-term success with personal fitness goals. In his newly released book, The Healthy Image, Mr. Ormiston outlines a detailed personal fitness plan intended to promote balance, independence and simplicity as the core of personal fitness goals. The Healthy Image is currently available as an eBook for $2.99 through Amazon at: The associated workouts intended to build overall strength and flexibility simultaneously are also available for a one-time fee of $17.00 at