New Workbook Explores Tapping into Inner Tools for Transformation

Joffre McClung faced an eight-year period of tremendous loss in her life. Rather than allowing it to do her in, she used her thirty-year spiritual practice to delve deeper into her inner work finally freeing herself from her past hurts, negative beliefs and behaviors and empowering herself to find what had been buried long ago - the love she had for herself. She discovered that the amount of Self Love, we have for ourselves, not only determines how we see ourselves and the world but also dictates the kinds of experiences we create in our lives. McClung now looks to help readers with "The Heart of the Matter: A Workbook and Guide to Finding Your Way Back to Self-Love" reconnect with their self-love.

"The Heart of the Matter" leads readers on a path of self-discovery by providing spiritual tools and techniques to create and cultivate the "inner landscape" where the work of personal transformation takes place. Readers will learn how to work with their inner selves to heal past traumas and emotional wounds by instructing them to express themselves and to begin a dialogue with these "orphaned selves" and to discover the truth behind what they believe about themselves and the world around them. These "hidden" or "subconscious" beliefs unwittingly run many people's lives.

The transformational guide urges audiences to stop seeking love, worth, and value from the outside world and, instead, uncover those qualities from within. The book showcases practical exercises, meditations, questions to aid in self-awareness, insight on how to forgive the past, and practical steps in changing negative beliefs and behavioral patterns.

"Joffre McClung's "The Heart of the Matter" is a thoughtful, thought-provoking book that challenges individuals to live their lives anchored in the truth of self-love. Through interesting discussions, challenging questions, and daily meditations and affirmations, the book offers a course that anyone can take to find self-acceptance." - Foreword Clarion Review

"You don't have to be deeply scarred from childhood hurts to benefit from "The Heart of the Matter." Anyone who needs to let go-of self-criticism, negative attitudes, and despair-will feel as if they are getting a virtual hug through McClung's gentle prose." -BlueInk Review

"The book also contains extensive exercises for identifying negative emotions, encouraging readers to honor such feelings rather than running from them. Overall, this guide promises an enriching, enlightening self-discovery process. A concise, clear, and helpful workbook." -Kirkus Review

For more information, please visit or YouTube channel for her latest videos in her ongoing series on Self-love.

"The Heart of the Matter: A Workbook and Guide to Finding Your Way Back to Self-Love"
By Joffre McClung
ISBN: 9781504375115 (hardcover), 9781504375092 (softcover), 9781504375108 (e-book)
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Balboa Press

About the author
Joffre McClung is a Spiritual Author and an Independent Filmmaker. She published one other book, "How Learning to Say Goodbye Taught Me How to Live (A Spiritual Memoir)" in 2015 which Kirkus Reviews called "a thoughtful think piece." She previously worked as a senior producer and director for a Production Company in New York City.

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