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New Children's Book Highlights Importance of Caring for the...

D. Milo Newsome struggled with reading and writing until high school. It wasn’t until he read “The Secret Garden” years later that he fell in love with reading and writing, leading him to publish his first book, “Remember Dewrain.”

The book is a fictional children’s story of a leaf named Amiss, who is hosted by a tree named Higgittybottom. Amiss feels very misunderstood, and over time, as his frustration grows, his patience with others ceases to exist. He feels he should be “more important” and decides to take matters into his own hands. Eventually, he transforms into the fiery, evil Consumeth, full of hate, disrupting peace, and vowing to destroy the beautiful forest that has always existed.

As Consumeth’s flames begin taking over the forest, the animals and trees turn to the Council for help to come up with a way to defeat Consumeth. After meeting many days, the Council has no answer on how to stop this horrible destruction. Meanwhile, deep in the forest, a body of water named Lake remembers an ancient secret word that could save the forest if sent to the Great Divide. That word was sent by two small messengers named Hope and Acorn. They deliver it to the majestic Great Divide, who becomes Dewrain.

Once Dewrain receives the ancient cry for help, the battle between good and evil begins. Water and fire become enemies immediately. Dewrain, using his water, defeats Consumeth, and the land begins to heal. Through the years, animals and plants gather to hear the heroic story of how Dewrain saved them from destruction.

“The environment is very important to protect, and this book can help children learn about that value through an entertaining story,” Newsome said. “I also hope it can inspire children who struggle with reading to overcome the challenge and learn to love it, just as I did.”

In “Remember Dewrain,” children can delight in the story and lesson learned from Amiss and Dewrain while developing a lasting love for reading.

“Remember Dewrain”
By: D. Milo Newsome
ISBN: 978-1-4808-5534-2 (sc); 978-1-4808-5535-9 (hc); 978-1-4808-5536-6 (e) Available at the Archway Publishing Online Bookstore, Barnes and Noble and Amazon

About the Author

Milo Newsome struggled with reading, writing and spelling until high school. When he read “The Secret Garden” as an adult, it sparked a hunger for reading for the first time. He, his wife Bobbery, daughter Keyana, and their cats live in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. A portion of the royalties from “Remember Dewrain” will be donated to The Dyslexia Foundation, a nonprofit that helps identify and assist children with dyslexia. For more about the author and his book, please visit:

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