New Book, ANGEL WORKDS, Offers Happiness Drawn from Influence of Angels

In her new book "Angel Works: Soaring From Abuse to Love, Forgiveness and Enlightenment" (published by Balboa Press), author Barbara Anne Rose offers to readers her true story of overcoming abuse and finding happiness through acceptance of spirit help and hard work.

The victim of not one, but two instances of abuse, Rose had a difficult path to walk to find happiness. She credits her family for much of her success, as well as the influence of a spirit she calls Angel Bearer of Light.

An excerpt from "Angel Works":

"We have been neglecting these lives of ours for way too long. When will be your day of opening to this brilliant white light? When will you stop hiding behind your hands or your voice or your sight or your hearing? When will you make this stand for spiritual freedom? You are the only one who can make this decision. The more walls you break down, the freer you become. Angels know when someone has done his or her very best."

"Many people search for love," Rose writes, when asked about her book's relevance. "They aren't quite sure where to go and who to go to. My book is all about love and forgiveness."<

"Angel Works"
By Barbara Anne Rose
Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 210 pages | ISBN 9781452554464
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 210 pages | ISBN 9781452554457
E-Book | 210 pages | ISBN 9781452554440
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Barbara Anne Rose is a loving mother of three grown children. She has been an inspiration to hundreds, helping people to change their bodies, open their minds, and enlighten their spirits. She has taught exercise to seniors and volunteered her time with those less fortunate.

Rose is native to Baltimore. She is a licensed massage therapist, living and practicing in the state of Delaware. She is nationally certified in therapeutic massage and bodywork with emphasis on spiritual healing in her work. For more information visit or

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