Monica Canducci Unravels 'The Faerie Code'

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Monica Canducci Unravels 'The Faerie Code'Monica Canducci believes that there is an invisible, ethereal realm inhabited by creatures that cannot be perceived by the human eye. Supported by her artistic background as a transdisciplinary artist and scientific background as certified Rolfing structural integration practitioner, Canducci explains how to access the "Faerie Dimension" through "our deepest human resources."

In her book "The Faerie Code: A Guide to the Faerie Dimension-Making the Invisible Seen" (published by Balboa Press), Canducci describes the invisible realm defined by different spiritual and popular traditions around the world as "Faerie" and its inhabitants, explaining how those being could interact with the human dimension reflecting and amplifying the human emotions and attitude. "Doesn't matter if we believe in Faeries or not, because actually they also represent some functions of our human attitude and consciousness," she adds.

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"The Faerie Code" is a guide and contains seven original tales that provide access to the "Faerie Dimension" and its gifts. It discloses information from a realm that is invisible to most humans but sometimes makes itself known. Whether this dimension belongs to the inspiration coming from the realms of consciousness, or rather, to a subtle dimension where the faeries are supposed to live, it does not matter much because on the Faerie Path, everything is possible.

Canducci invites the readers to embark on a journey into self-realization, a journey meant to bring them to seven "gates" which are levels of initiation, each one revealing a special gift from the Faerie realm. She also hopes that the readers will be able to connect with the magic of life, in any moment and situation, and to always find the needed resources to realize their true nature and make their dreams come true in harmony with the world around.

"The Faerie Code: A Guide to the Faerie Dimension-Making the Invisible Seen"
By Monica Canducci
Softcover | 5.5x8.5 in | 124 pages | ISBN 9781504396677
E-Book | 124 pages | ISBN 9781504396684
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Monica Canducci is a published author, professional artist and body-mind coach. Originally from Italy, she currently lives in Montreal, Canada with her family. Canducci helps others follow their healing journeys by integrating her scientific and artistic background with research and experience from different spiritual paths, from Judaism to Sufism and Buddhism to Native Algonquin wisdom. She teaches people how to cultivate self-awareness and presence in order to realize their full potential in harmony with the world around them. Her published works include "One heartbeat beyond the threshold" (2015), "Move in Mind - The power of mental imagery in nervous system rewiring" (2015), "The Arcana of the Threshold - The Path of Realization" (2017) and "Turn to Heal - Dancing beyond" (2018).

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