Minnesota Author Releases New Suspenseful Thriller Novels – The Garbage Collector Series

Minnesota Author Releases New Suspenseful Thriller Novels – The Garbage Collector Series

Hang on to your seat as this thriller story unfolds with its suspense and intertwined web of romance, lies, sex, crime, and a plethora of unusual events as they climax, and convey deep emotions, and vivid erotic images. What starts out to be romance between Patsy and Hank ends up having an unforeseen ending for Patsy and Dirk.

The Minnesota author, Justice Gray, has done an excellent job in creating her characters in this great piece of literature. While reading this romance novel, it may seem at first to be startling, but happens every day. Look around you; you may know someone who has a secret life just like her characters.

Patsy makes up stories of abuse in order to get away from her husband whom she is bored with and doesn't have much, but soon decides she can make lots of money if she prostitutes herself-first to men, then to women. Dirk and Patsy join criminal forces, with Dirk being Patsy's pimp; later Patsy plans to groom her daughter for teenage prostitution. Their high rich lifestyle has them running out of money in a short time, so they constantly come up with ways to mooch off other people. When that isn't enough, Dirk steals money from his elderly parents who have signs of dementia, and then plots to kill them-twice. Could it be a tragic ending for Patsy and Dirk, or not...?

Book Information:
Moochers In Crime: A Dirk & Patsy Story
Author: Justice Gray
Publisher: Reality Today Forum
ISBN: 978-1481968119
Published: January 2013
Pages: 282

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