Michael Terence Publishing Announces the Release of 'Does Anyone Care?' by Steven Trinkwon

Michael Terence Publishing is excited to announce the release of "Does Anyone Care?" - a new novel by Steven Trinkwon.

A murder investigation began in Norfolk, England sixteen days after the Justice Act 2007 came into force. No one then involved foresaw the outcome would be a legal proceeding which became a genuine historical event for the nation!

And now, we can discover the truth about how and why this happened? An employee of the Norfolk Constabulary with a bird's eye view tells you the truly remarkable and riveting tale of what led to such history being made.

Made on what was Valentine's Day in 2008, and immediately reported on all around the world!

"Does Anyone Care?" encapsulates and combines observations of a plethora of humaneness with the entertainment of an unfolding "Who Done It?" with inconceivable twists and turns.

This work is available in multiple formats:
Paperback (372 pages) ISBN 978-1977011466
Kindle eBook ASIN B079SPCCWX

About Steven Trinkwon
Steven Trinkwon was born on the Isle of Sheppey, England in 1962. When aged 3 months, he was taken to Chailey Heritage Craft School in Sussex. This was a Local Health Authority run residential environment. He left aged 16 years and accepted a place at a residential college in Coventry.

Steven studied at Lanchester Polytechnic and immediately after graduating in 1989 began a 25-year professional career. Some of his posts meant working in partnership with law enforcement officers involved with adults and children in need of protection. Or, they were a victim of a crime which often required interceding with those who perpetrated against them.

Steven lives in Norwich and uses experiences in his life and his profession to produce an extraordinary and thought provoking Crime Fiction story called, "Does Anyone Care?"

A story set primarily in Norfolk and which will challenge you not to at least ask, "What would I have done?"

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