Maverick Trading Book Sales Increasing Even After Six Years

SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ Maverick Trading, the premier proprietary trading firm, was happy to announce that even after six years of being in print, sales of the firm's book, Maverick Trading: Professional Techniques to Create Generational Wealth, have continued to rise. Reviews of Maverick Trading can be found at:

Darren Fischer, a trader and Head Recruiter at Maverick Trading, as well as the lead author of the book spoke to the book's longevity. "When we were researching how to write and get a book published, we found that most books actually had a relatively short time in print. I think the average was two to three years."

Jon Frohlich, COO of Maverick Trading, joked, "I think this was the first time in the firm's history where we underestimated the market for something. Honestly, we thought that the book would be in print for a year or two and then we'd be giving remaindered copies as Christmas presents for the next 20 years. Really, we're just happy that this book has become a resource for a large number of people that wanted to learn to trade, but didn't know how to go about it."

When asked how the book has impacted Maverick Trading as a firm, Robb Reinhold, CEO of Maverick Trading, said, "When we wrote the book, our main intent was to offer it as a resource to traders who weren't in a position to trade with the firm itself. What we found was that people would read the book and then seek us out to trade with us. We have several great traders at the firm who were first introduced to Maverick Trading by reading our book."

Frohlich continued, "I think it's an example of the adage that success generates success. When the book came out, we had built out the support structure of the firm to really allow us to grow. Then we put the book out as more of a public service than anything else and it got good reviews. The reviews attracted great traders. The firm supports the traders and then the firm gets good reviews."

Recent reviews for Maverick Trading as a firm can be found at the following links:



When asked about future publishing plans, Fischer responded. "We have plans to publish a similar book regarding how we trade foreign currencies. Our FX division operates entirely separately from our options division, so we feel a book with our Forex methodology will also serve as a good companion piece. As we did with the first book, we'll be covering risk management in detail. Because of the significant leverage utilized when trading FX, risk management must be the primary concern of every FX trader. The outline is in place and we're looking at a release of the FX book in late 2018."

Reinhold continued the thread. "From a public service point of view, our FX book will probably help even more people than our options book did. Worldwide, more people trade FX than options. The barriers to entry in FX are so low that many more people can trade FX. But because the barriers are so low, people just go and start trading with no preparation, support, or plan and they blow up their accounts without really knowing what happened. We're all looking forward to helping those people out."

About Maverick Trading

Founded in 1997, Maverick Trading is a private proprietary trading firm, focused on position and swing trading options in equities, exchange traded funds, and foreign currencies, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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