MY COWBOY KINGHT, MY BOAZ, Details True Online Dating Romance Story

MY COWBOY KINGHT, MY BOAZ, Details True Online Dating Romance Story


Does online dating work? Yes, according to Barbara A. Kennedy.

Kennedy's memoir, "My Cowboy Knight, My Boaz," details a true romance story full of life lessons about love, hope, faith and tragedy that all started with a click of the mouse.

Kennedy has suffered through a lifetime of hurt. In her book, she reminisces about how she searched, prayed and waited for her knight in shining armor to arrive.

"Entering the dating world after age 50, my book uses my own life experiences to teach us how to persevere when confronted with hardship," said Kennedy. "Readers will laugh and cry as two strangers grow in deep love and experience life's joys and hurts together."

A Midwestern prairie girl, Kennedy has kept her faith throughout life's difficulties. In "My Cowboy Knight, My Boaz," she retells her life story, recounting how she left the past behind to find a once-in-a-lifetime love.

Kennedy aims to inspire women like herself. She hopes readers will feel a connection with her story, as she sees it as a guide any woman could use to maintain hope while searching for everlasting love.

"My book takes readers on a romantic journey and tells the true story of two lovers who experience the joys and hurts of life and love. It will inspire readers to embrace romance and never lose hope," said Kennedy.