International Bestseller MOTHER ALWAYS SAID '...' to Be Released in the United States

International Bestseller MOTHER ALWAYS SAID '...' to Be Released in the United States

Already a bestseller, Mother Always Said, "..." Timeless Wisdom to Achieve Personal & Business Success by Robert Popovich is a compendium of childhood lessons the author learned from his mother. A testimonial to his mother's guidance and support in his early years, the author shows how he successfully applied the lessons learned throughout his career as an international business consultant and as a governmental advisor, whose clients included the White House. During his speaking engagements, he frequently quotes his mother's lessons much to the delight of his audiences. It was in response to their continued encouragement that the author wrote this book about her teachings so others might benefit.

The common denominator of motherhood and valuable lessons we learn from our mothers created a bond that transcends cultural and political differences and it received rave reviews, and created a groundswell of enthusiasm. Major newspapers and magazines from around the world ran the story of a business consultant imparting his mother's wisdom to Fortune 500 companies and major governments.

Originally written in 1990, it sold over 1 million copies and was translated into ten languages. The book was never intended for commercial sale, so the author decided not to release the book in the United States while his mother was still alive. Sadly, she passed and the author wants to share what others from around the globe have enjoyed and benefited from in their personal and business lives.

Notable testimonials include Former First Lady, Barbara Bush, Kent L. Brown, former publisher Highlights for Children, former president of Robert Morris University, Edward A. Nicholson, Ph.D.

This is what readers, critics and different segments of society are saying about the book.

  • Its beauty is in its simplicityit takes complex emotional issues and deals with them in an entertaining and practical manner.
  • The principles are easily applied and measured in different personal and business situations.
  • It has been endorsed and used as a teaching tool by, parents, educators, religious groups, corporate leaders, public institutions and the community at large.
  • Critics have labeled it "unique, refreshing, practical and riddled with original humor."

The principles in the book are 'timeless' and revered by most cultures and major faiths in the world. Basic human values and behavior are a constant that maintains order and meaning in life. These principles are a framework for teaching responsibility and positive behavior.

ROBERT POPOVICH is a noted international business and governmental consultant, award-winning speaker, speechwriter and poet. His assignments range from Fortune 500 companies to the White House. He has lived and worked in major capitals throughout the world and his experiences are as intriguing as they are diverse. For more information, please contact: Email