Huthwaite CEO and President Launches New Book on Winning the Battle for Sales

John Golden's new book, "Winning the Battle for Sales," is a breakthrough guide that extracts lessons from significant, yet colorful, episodes of military history and applies them to the battle that companies wage daily: how to sell more of their products and services. Organized into three parts - the Sales Call, Account Strategy, and Sales Management - the book is a how-to manual to best practices in successful selling.

"Winning the Battle for Sales: Lessons on Closing Every Deal from the World's Greatest Military Victories," by McGraw-Hill, deconstructs battles from ancient Egypt to the American West to explore effective preparation, the buying cycle and analyzing vulnerability. SPIN Selling - the technique taught by Virginia-based sales performance improvement organization Huthwaite, where Golden is CEO and President - is covered in the chapter that pits Quintus Fabius Maximus against Hannibal in the Second Punic War.

"Military history has been a vital force in shaping selling techniques," said Golden. "Winning the Battle for Sales" provides readers with the rationale and thought process behind each lesson, while giving them the tools they need to succeed in today's competitive sales environment. The takeaways from the book for all businesses are powerful."

Why military history? Despite the proliferation of technology and programs that allow a sales rep to look up information almost anywhere, some strategies and tactics are to be learned, not referenced.<

There's no way to look up the best tactic to use to close a deal when the critical moment has arrived. Golden recognizes this challenge, and he writes about war to address it. Humans remember by association, Golden writes, by mentally linking concepts to images and stories. By connecting proven techniques to close sales with vivid historical anecdotes, rather than burying the knowledge under business jargon, he not only conveys information, he conveys it in a way that will make readers remember it when they need it most.

"Whether you're a history buff of just enjoy learning, "Winning the Battle for Sales" distills the most valuable sales tactics, based on history's greatest military victories and blunders, into simple, memorable strategies that can be applied to real-world sales challenges," said Golden. "It's an unmatched guide that taps into military history to provides solutions sellers need to succeed."

So as Golden writes in the book's introduction, the "next time you are faced with a selling situation that requires a particular skill or tactic to be successful, you will find a Welsh longbowman, a Roman legionnaire or indeed Atilla the Hun coming to your aid."

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