'End Game Economics' by T.H. Aka is Released

'End Game Economics' by T.H. Aka is Released


The U.S. National Debt increases $2.41 billion dollars per day. Daunting as this number may be, author and financial advisor, T.H. Aka, exposes insight into the financial crisis that has engulfed the world in his new book "End Game Economics: Understanding the Financial Crisis through Scripture".

"End Game Economics: Understanding the Financial Crisis through Scripture" gives a unique perspective on today's economy through the integration of Biblical and socio-economic factors. Aka not only shows how the Bible predicted the crisis, but explains God's purpose in allowing it to impact His people.

"I began a closer examination of all Biblical texts which related to an economic crisis in the end times," said Aka. "What I discovered were numerous references to a financial crisis and how that would affect God's people. My hope and prayer is that readers will seek greater faith and a closer walk with God as we recognise the deep turmoil head."

This book will take both believers and nonbelievers through Biblical and economic evidences of what is to come in the intensifying crisis that will challenge their view of the status quo. Readers' eyes will be opened to prophesies and precedents that are sure to strengthen belief in the scriptures, inspire confidence in God's plan and bring hope for the future.

"End Game Economics: Understanding the Financial Crisis through Scripture "
By: T.H. Aka
ISBN: 978-1490823484
Available at Amazon and West Bow Press.

About the Author
Tim Aka has worked in the financial services for the past 20 years. As not only a Chartered Financial Analyst, Tim is a diligent student of the Bible and Biblical prophecy. He offers unique insights on end-time prophecy through integrating the economic world and Biblical teachings. As a financial advisor, he works with families, helping them navigate the difficult economic waters that we live in today.

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