By: Oct. 13, 2016
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Is the president of the U.S. entitled to any medical privacy at all? What if the disease which develps is AIDS? That's one of the two big questions tackled in the new mystery novel, "The President Has AIDS", by Dr. Leslie Norins. He invites the American public to vote on this now in his national online poll. http://www.PresidentAIDS.vote.

"Let's find out if Americans believe full medical transparency should apply to the White House, using this high-stakes but fictional scenario of an unprecedented situation," said Dr. Norins, who holds both an M.D. and a Ph.D.

He added, "What an astounding coincidence that medical openness for presidential candidates is being debated right now. I've had the plot idea for over ten years, and began writing the story well before any current candidacies were announced.

"In my novel, it's the 'public right to know' versus White House personal privacy, national security, political stability, and even influence on a re-election bid."

Dr. Norins revealed that several White House aides demand secrecy, but political counselors in the novel say the risks of an AIDS revelation would depend on exactly how POTUS became infected with HIV. They believe the public would be understanding if the virus entered without the president's active participation, such as from a blood transfusion or a contaminated surgical instrument.

But, they predict a public relations disaster if the HIV came from extramarital sex, especially with a prostitute of either sex, or IV drug abuse.

The novel's second big mystery is the source of the president's HIV. An ace medical detective investigates four main possibilities: enemy plot, medical accident, IV drug abuse, or extramarital sex. By the book's end he finds the unique and surprising source. Then the president decides whether or not to reveal the AIDS infection to the American people.

"So is secrecy or openness better? We decided to poll the public," said Dr. Norins, "because we want to include the results in the book's launch in November."

Dr. Norins holds both an M.D.and a Ph.D. He brings to the novel fifty years of experience in medical research and medical publishing. He graduated from Johns Hopkins University and Duke University Medical School. Then, at the University of Melbourne, he studied immunology with Nobel Prize-winner, Sir Macfarlane Burnet. Early in his career he directed the CDC's Venereal Disease Research Laboratory.

The book's publisher, Medvostat LLC, independent and is not connected with any political party or candidate. Dr. Norins is its president. The new novel will be available in November at Amazon.com and bookstores. (http://www.ThePresidentHasAIDS.com)


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