Captain Kurt Carlsen Reveals Life Story in New e-Book 'FLYING ENTERPRISE'

Captain Kurt Carlsen Reveals Life Story in New e-Book 'FLYING ENTERPRISE'

Although it's six decades ago that the Flying Enterprise drama in the Atlantic took place, the World War II legend of Captain Kurt Carlsen still lives. Now author Bjarne Bekker has brought the historical event to life in his new book, "Flying Enterprise & Kurt Carlsen ", which is available in e-book form here: http://flying-enterprise.ø

January 10 marks the 61st anniversary of the sinking of the Flying Enterprise, captained by Kurt Carlsen . On board the ship was five tons zirconium meant for Nautilus I - the first submarine that should be driven by nuclear energy. For 13 days and nights, Kurt Carlsen kept the whole world occupied, making him one of the world's first media darlings.

In a personal account from his meetings with Kurt Carlsen , author Bjarne Bekker tells for the first time the complete story of the famous seaman for the very first time. After two decades of research, Bjarne Bekker has found hundreds of authentic pictures from private collections and 8 mm private films with Captain Carlsen in Denmark and New Jersey in 1952.

Many personal interviews with people from Hanoi, South Africa, Ireland, the U.S. and Denmark together with Carlsen's own personal story give a hitherto unknown insight into the shipwreck and Carlsen as convoy leader for US Navy in the North Atlantic under WWII.

Lastly, the book relates the story of Kurt Carlsen 's final, singular voyage, when the captain's ashes were to be spread in the English Channel in 1990 -- but because of another hurricane, his ashes sailed via Japan for two months in a safety box at another Danish ship, 'Jutlandia.'

At, readers can take a look at the e-book of the famous story. "Flying Enterprise & Kurt Carlsen " is 186 pages and in coffee table size. The book is just now published at as a part of a cross-media project containing book, webpages, blogs and a movie/DVD about Captain Carlsen's entire exciting life.

The author will come to USA on a storytelling tour in 2013, visiting retired US-Navy mariners and Danish-American societies.