Bestselling Author And Organisational Psychologist Clare Mann Releases COMMUNICATE

Clare Mann, Managing Director of Communicate31, eminent organisational, existential psychotherapist, international speaker, bestselling author of numerous corporate, personal development books and programs, including "The Myths of Life and The Choices We Have", unleashes her latest offering "Communicate: How To Say What Needs To Be Said, When It Needs to Be Said, In The Way It needs To Be Said."

If the title is inspiring enough to enhance and develop your "Calm Communicator" skills, then you won't be surprised to discover that leaders and influencers in the business world have branded Clare's recent work as revolutionary.

Presidential Advisor and bestselling Author, Doug Wead, describes Mann as a "Master of insight, who can discern the phony from the real, and teaches us how to do it as well".

Wead provides a practical and informative overview of his involvement with the author over 5 years in his foreword for the book, with some additional testimonials and praise from an inordinate and vast array of business leaders who have devourEd Mann's pioneering work in the complex field of communications, professionally and personally.

"Communicate" invites the reader to be heard, whether in the boardroom or the bedroom (and everywhere in between). Mann, an organisational psychologist, author of several books centered on the workplace and human resources, takes us on a journey in and out of the boardroom to unlock the key to "calm communication" - what she describes as the "Rolls Royce of communication".

This, says Mann, goes well beyond just talking and listening and is essential for unlocking effective leadership. "It's about how the quality of our communication affects the quality of our results," she says.

The idea for the sub-title came from Mann interviewing 70 senior executives as part of her research. She found that some of the country's leading executives could clearly and effectively relate in their job but on the home front, lamented how their communication skills were sadly lacking when it came to their spouse, partner or children.

"Why might a CEO be respected and powerful in the boardroom but at home have difficulty in getting their teenage children to acknowledge their existence?" she asks.
"Communication - the passing and receiving of information - happens inside us as much as between us."

It depends, says Mann, on a person's ability as the speaker to galvanise thoughts, find appropriate vocabulary and adapt it to suite the audience, convey feelings as well as content, and adopt sophisticated skills that take notice of social dynamics and potential conflicts, she says.

In her work with thousands of people over the past 20 years Mann has identified eight pillars of communication that she says calm communicators are skilled in. They operate in a complex pattern mirroring the sophisticated process of human interaction.

"As we move through the mastery of empathetic listening, crucial conversations and calm communication, we move from consultative to participative leadership, and eventually to a more conscious and collaborative leadership style in which the hidden talent within the organisation is recognised, celebrated, and put to work."

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