BWW Blog: Getting to Know BWW Book Reviewer, Bonnie Lynn Wagner

BWW Blog: Getting to Know BWW Book Reviewer, Bonnie Lynn Wagner

BWW Blog: Getting to Know BWW Book Reviewer, Bonnie Lynn Wagner

Hello, Broadway World!

My name is Bonnie Lynn Wagner, and I'm really excited to begin my journey at BWW with all of you. Together, we'll explore new places such as modern-day Paris, ancient Scandinavia, life on the moon, and so much more. One thing I adore about books is the way they can take you anywhere, the way you can become anyone. Readers live a thousand lives thanks to books, and I'm excited to explore these new worlds with you.

Today is extra-special to me because on February 9th, 2010, I created a book review blog entitled A Backwards Story, and today I celebrate seven years of blogging.

What are some of your favorite genres to read? I'd also love recommendations of some of your favorite titles. Let's explore new worlds together.<

Fantasy will always be a favorite genre of mine (especially high fantasy), and I also love a good twist on a fairy tale/mythological/classical retelling. I also love hard-hitting contemporary novels that punch me in the gut, and sometimes, I've even been known to pick up a picture book or complex psychological thriller. My reading can definitely be all over the place, so hopefully I'll find something great for you to read and cherish!

If you're here at BWW reading this, it means we both love musicals AND books. Our two loves have brought us together. I've been a member of BWW since 2004 (Yes, it's true, Wicked was my gateway to Broadway--and to who I am today!), so while I grew my musical-loving teeth through Wicked, I have grown to love so many amazing and complex shows over the years thanks to these forums.

I am absolutely honored to help the site build a bridge to reviewing books and expanding its exploration into new ventures. I can't wait to go on this new journey with you!


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Bonnie Lynn Wagner Bonnie Lynn Wagner has been a reader for as long as she can remember. Friends frequently come to her for book recommendations, and eventually, she decided to start reviewing books in order to share her love of them with everyone! While her favorite genre is fantasy, she reads and reviews many others, from contemporary novels to juvenile picture books.

When she isn't reviewing books, you can find her on Twitter @abackwardsstory talking about musicals, nail polish, and Disney, among other things!

She continues to review at if you'd like even more book recommendations!