BJU Press Launches New Heritage Studies Product Line

Black History Month. Presidents' Day. Lincoln's and Washington's birthdays. In the midst of such a historical month like February, homeschoolers will rejoice to know that BJU Press is revitalizing its Heritage Studies product line-an elementary history curriculum-with all-new covers, updated content, new chapters, and improved chronological flow. With this revised product line, BJU Press seeks to engage student interest, to provide a biblical perspective on the study of Heritage Studies topics, and to prepare students to be good citizens.

BJU Press boasts a homeschool history curriculum written from a conservative evangelical perspective. BJU Press Heritage Studies avoids extremes and seeks to present history in a balancEd Manner, challenging homeschool students to think for themselves. Homeschoolers will find a number of activities that allow them to interact with the material they are learning as well as opportunities to evaluate cultural values, economic issues, and governmental systems in the light of Scripture.<

The first textbook in the updated product line, Heritage Studies 1 Student Text, is a colorful, easy-to-read presentation of social studies that integrates civics, culture, economics, geography, and history. Beginning with the framework of God's redemptive plan, the book includes an age-appropriate study of civics and government and then covers United States history from Native Americans to the Plymouth Colony-all from the perspective of a Christian worldview.

The final chapter contrasts the past and the present, noting changes that have taken place in the way we live. Each chapter includes a poem, eye-catching artwork, maps, graphs, and photos, quick-check questions, and an extended hands-on activity to enhance learning. In addition to the Student Text, the Teacher's Edition, the Student Activity Manual, the Student Activity Manual Answer Key, Tests, and Tests Answer Key are also available for purchase online.

BJU Press exists to encourage Christian character in students and to promote academic excellence through the provision of K4-Grade 12 educational materials and support services. In addition to textbooks and materials, we offer homeschool testing services, distance-learning programs, and other homeschooling resources.