Author Marjorie Kong Luczak Highlights Women's Spirit Will In Debut

Author Marjorie Kong Luczak Highlights Women's Spirit Will In Debut Lan was only 14 years old, who knew nothing about life, especially the life outside her village, when she had to give up her dreams and sacrifice her own life plans to conform with tradition. Her hopes for her future had been dashed, destroyed by news of the marriage arranged by her father to a stranger, not only a stranger, but one who lived far from her ancestral home. Many years later, her daughter Margaret finds herself fighting against life's ordeals. In author Marjorie Kong Luczak's "The Glass Spider" (published by Xlibris), readers will follow their story and discover the true meaning of love, the powerful spirit of women and the will to emerge victorious against all odds.

This historical fiction novel spans time and distance from China after World War II to Jamaica and to the United States. Lan's story began in China when her life was absolutely altered by a prearranged marriage, leaving her with no option but to concede and admit that she will start a new life in Jamaica. Her daughter Margaret's story began in America. Her life mirrored her mother's to some degree. She got engaged at age 16 to a 19-year-old foreigner and married prior to obtaining her first degree. She allowed her ex-husband to strive for a doctoral degree, while she became what her mother had hoped against, a homebound mother. How these two women define their lives and deal with the challenges will inspire the readers.

"It is a story depicting the spirit of women and the will to rise above the punishing ordeal of life, to deal with what life offers and to complete the circle of life after tears. It is the coming of terms between men and women," expresses Luczak.

Providing a glimpse into how the family suffered through political strife, turmoil and labor union struggle in Jamaica after its independence from Britain, "The Glass Spider" tells an engaging love story that reveals how love can pervert and destroy anyone and how the diversity of people's experiences can change, spoil and ruin them.

For every book sold, $1.00 will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

"The Glass Spider" was featured in the 2015 Beijing Book Fair, 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair, 2016 Bologna Book Fair, 2016 London Book Fair and 2016 Beijing Book Fair.

"The Glass Spider"
By Marjorie Kong Luczak
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 654 pages | ISBN 9781479772414
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 654 pages | ISBN 9781479772407
E-Book | 654 pages | ISBN 9781479772421
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About the Author
Marjorie Kong Luczak's life's journey has been influenced by her mother's life growing up in China and the hard life she and her father lived in Kingston, Jamaica. Marjorie grew up in Kingston, Jamaica, where her parents taught her what was right and what was wrong. She heard and understood the motto of Jamaica, Out of Many, One People, and tried to live her life accordingly. The proudest moments of her life were enlisting in the United States Army as an ammunition specialist, working for state government in the area of social security disability benefits. She is the proud mother of children serving in the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Army. She has five grown children and five grandchildren. Her husband, a retired Coast Guardsman, and their three dogs live in the Florida Panhandle.

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