Author Agnes Schultz Announces the Release of Her Book, THE LITTLE TREE

Agnes Schultz imparts important life lessons in a fiction book

How will a little seed, blown away from its refuge and landed on a lonely, rugged hillside, survive on its own equipped only with hope and sound advice from its loving mother?

Agnes Szenozicska Schultz tries to answer that and more in The Little Tree, a poignant tale about how a little seed finds hope and strength despite dire circumstances. Once snuggled safely at its mother's branches, the little seed is helplessly swept away one stormy night into a rugged hillside where neither bushes nor trees grow. Alone and frightened, the little seed suddenly finds hope as it landed on a very small but fertile piece of land to grow its roots. Remembering the advice of its loving mother on how to survive, the little seed finally finds the courage and determination to become a strong tree amid hardship and desolation.

As the now little but lonely tree basks in its strength and beauty, he feels a sudden spark of joy when he is able to provide an exhausted little bird with a resting place and a gravid bird with a branch to build its nest. Finally discovering its purpose in life-a place of refuge for small animals that make their way on the rocky hillside-the little tree is proud of its triumph. Even so, it never forgets its mother's most valuable advice and shares it to other trees on the nearby forest with the help of the birds he has befriended.

Filled with important life lessons, Agnes Schultz's The Little Tree is certain to touch and inspire readers, young and old alike.

ISBN 978-0-8059-7211-5

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