14 Year Fox News Contributor Tobin Smith and Filmmaker Launch 'FIGHT BACK AGAINST FOX NEWS' Crowdfunding Campaign to Publish Mr. Smith's Book 'Fear & UnBalanced' Rev

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Nov. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ Tobin Smith, a 14 year weekly Fox News on-air veteran contributor, and filmmaker Jen Senko, the writer/director of the acclaimed documentary film "The Brainwashing of My Dad" have joined forces to launch the "Fight Back Against Fox News NOW" public awareness and crowdfunding campaign to:

  1. Expose the hidden tactics used by FNC producers and Mr. Smith in over 1500 panel on-air opinion debate segments to orchestrate the outcomes of FNC opinion debate programming for the benefit of conservative commentators
  2. Build public & legislative awareness for recent public health research reports published by Brigham Young University & UC San Francisco that report lethal 45-50% higher rates of premature death for 60+ aged Americans that report high levels of social estrangement and chronic loneliness. The MEDIAN age of a Fox News viewer age is reported by Nielsen to be 68 and the average 70+ aged American watches 50 HOURS of television a week.

Mr. Smith and Ms. Senko's current Fight Back Against Fox News campaign crowdfunding on Indiegogo has raised nearly $7,000 from 130+ backers since November 2 to finance the publication and pre-sell Mr. Smith's tell-all book "Fair & Unbalanced: Confessions of a Fox News Hitman" which will reveal untold and irrefutable evidence that pulls the curtain back on Fox News' promise of "fair and balanced" opinion programming that Mr. Smith participated in that was in fact a rigged outcome production in favor of the conservative partisan commentators.

The campaign will also widely distribute to campaign donors the acclaimed Fox News addiction documentary "The Brainwashing of My Dad" written/directed by Jen Senko and produced by Matthew Modine and Adam Rackoff which details the family damage caused by her elderly father's addiction to Fox News and his hyper-partisan radicalization that resulted from watching 40-50 hours of Fox News programming per week.

Said Mr. Smith, "I didn't understand the scope and magnitude of what I have come to call "Fox News Derangement Syndrome" until I saw Jen Senko's powerful eye-opening documentary "The Brainwashing of My Dad" in early 2017. Later I published my own "Fear & Unbalanced: Confessions of a Fox News Hitman" book preview on Medium.com which received over 120,000 visitors in May 2017. That viral traffic proved to me how extensive concern is over Fox News based hyper-partisan radicalization that has grown exponentially since the launch of Fox News in 1996."

He continued "But it was only afterI read hundreds of emails from estranged sons and daughters, brothers and sistersof radicalized parent(s) or family members addicted to Fox News that I really understood the poisonous effect on previously healthy families that results from Fox News Derangement Syndrome."

Part of the funds raised for Fight Back Against Fox News crowdfunding campaignwill be allocated to launch a public health research project to measure the degree of direct correlation between senior aged family/friend estrangement and lethal rates of chronic loneliness in 60+ aged seniors who watch more than 20 hours of Fox News a week.

For more information on the 5-Part "Fight Back Against Fox News" education campaign and to schedule interviews with the principals, please contact
Tobin Smith at
(301) 412-8622 (please text for interview inquiry first if possible)
E-mail 185983@email4pr.com

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