13-year-old Author Gabriel S. Newberry Pens New Christmas Adventure

13-year-old Author Gabriel S. Newberry Pens New Christmas Adventure

In his new book, "Elli & Gabe's Big Christmas Adventure" (published by Trafford Publishing), 13-year-old author Gabriel S. Newberry pens the endearing story of two young children who have a Christmas adventure.

Elli and Gabe are siblings having a difficult time feeling needed amidst the busy holiday season. Their grandmother is busy knitting and their aunts are cooking. The day was going by slowly so they decided to play games, read books and make a snowman.

Finally it was bedtime but just as they were about to fall asleep, they heard a loud noise on the roof. To their surprise, it was Santa, who just so happens to need their help to save Christmas.

It is Newberry's hope that children will be able to identify with the book's characters as it is written by a young person like them. "The holidays are such a busy time for adults that the feeling of not being needed or helpful, I believe, is something some if not all of us have felt at one time or another," the young author says. "Hopefully this book will make kids feel the excitement and accomplishment that Elli and Gabe felt when they were able to help Santa save Christmas."

"Elli & Gabe's Big Christmas Adventure"
By Gabriel S. Newberry
Softcover | 8.5 x 11 in | 20 pages | ISBN 9781466969414
E-Book | 20 pages | ISBN 9781466969407
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Gabriel S. Newberry is a 13-year-old native of Philadelphia currently in the eighth grade. His love of art drives him in all he does. Whether he is admiring architecture or sketching his favorite characters, he sees art in everything around him. Newberry enjoys volunteer work, martial arts, swimming, acting, writing and fencing.

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