Writing in Restaurants - by David Mamet

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The title of Mamet's first collection of essays and speeches certainly doesn't suggest the themes of commitment and excellence. Nevertheless, if a collection of 28 essays on a variety of topics can be said to have an overarching theme or themes, then surely commitment and excellence sound clearly. These essays, apparently written over a considerable span of years, treat topics ranging from radio drama through middle-class fashion trends to the Academy Awards and the use of amplification in theaters. In nearly all of them, however, Mamet finds his way back to his twin themes. Some of the most rewarding efforts are "Radio Drama," "Acting," and "Notes on The Cherry Orchard ." Mamet's sense of humor is also evident. Libraries that have his dramatic works will also want this. Theodore O. Wohlsen, Jr., Connecticut State Lib., Hartford

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Publisher: Penguin

Released: 1987

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