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Vamp Until Ready by James Magruder Buy Vamp Until Ready on Amazon

Fourth novel by James Magruder (Triumph of Love book and Head Over Heels book adaptation). Novel set at the Hangar Theatre in 1980s Ithaca, New York. 216 pages. Released 9/1/21.

Available On:
Vamp Until Ready on Paperback Vamp Until Ready on Kindle

Publisher: Rattling Good Yarns Press

Released: 2021

Buy Vamp Until Ready on Amazon

James Magruder to Release Summer Stock Novel - VAMP UNTIL READY by Chloe Rabinowitz - September 02, 2021

Librettist/fiction writer/translator James Magruder, who wrote the book for the Broadway musical Triumph of Love late in the last century, and co-wrote the book (in blank verse no less) for the far more recent Head Over Heels, has a fourth book of fiction, titled Vamp Until Ready, coming out on September 28, 2021



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