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Theater Careers - by Tim Donahue,Jim Patterson

Theater Careers by Tim Donahue,Jim Patterson

Theater Careers is designed to empower aspiring theater professionals to make savvy, informed decisions through a concise overview of how to prepare for and find work in the theater business. Tim Donahue and Jim Patterson offer well-researched information on various professions, salary ranges, educational and experience requirements, and other facets certain to enlighten students contemplating a theater career, as well as inform counselors, teachers, and parents of available opportunities and the demands of each path.

Theater Careers offers valuable details not readily available elsewhere, including

• Dozens of informative job descriptions surveying the impressive variety of theater careers, both on and off the stage

• Statistics on the working and earning prospects of various careers as drawn from the best sources in the business

• Thoughtful assessments of the value of education and training choices, including the most meaningful way to look at the costs of college--estimating net costs, which is seldom described elsewhere--and how to choose a school

Straightforward and objective, Theater Careers is an ideal reference for those seeking careers in the theater. Armed with this information, readers will be better equipped to pursue choices that best lead to satisfying and secure employment in the rewarding field of the dramatic arts.

Available On:
Theater Careers on Paperback

Publisher: University of South Carolina Press

Released: 2012

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