The Brecht Yearbook - by Markus Wessendorf ,Friedemann J. Weidauer

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The Brecht Yearbook by Markus Wessendorf ,Friedemann J. Weidauer Buy The Brecht Yearbook on Amazon

The Brecht Yearbook is a venue for discussion about aspects of theater and literature that were of particular interest to Bertolt Brecht, especially the politics of literature and the politics of theater in a global context.

The Volume Brecht in / and Asia contains twenty-six essays based on presentations given at “Brecht in/and Asia,” the thirteenth Symposium of the International Brecht Society (IBS), which was held at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa in 2010. Themes covered include Brecht in India; contemporary Chinese theater; the ‘Chinese’ Brecht; tradition, Brecht, and political theater; Brecht between imperialism and postcolonialism, orient and occident; Fritz Bennewitz’s intercultural Brecht productions; and Brecht(’s) adaptations.

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The Brecht Yearbook on Paperback

Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press

Released: 2012

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