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Staging Holocaust Resistance - by Gene A. Plunka

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Staging Holocaust Resistance by Gene A. Plunka

"Focusing on Jews and Gentiles who defied the Nazis by resisting decrees and orders, protesting Nazi genocidal policies, or rescuing Jews, Plunka argues that drama is the ideal art form to revitalize the collective memory of Holocaust resistance. Drama of and about the Holocaust can be staged worldwide, thereby introducing the Shoah to diverse audiences. Moreover, theater affects us emotionally, subliminally, or intellectually (sometimes simultaneously) in a direct way (between actor and audience) that many other art forms cannot match. This comparative drama study examines a variety of international plays--some quite well-known, others more obscure--that focus on collective or individual defiance of the Nazis"--

Available On:
Staging Holocaust Resistance on Hardcover

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Released: 2012



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