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Movement for Actors - by Nicole Potter

Movement for Actors by Nicole Potter

One would think that "moving" would be as natural as falling off a log, and yet when we stand in front of an audience, our hands grow large and heavy and our feet root to the floor. Marshall (physical acting, Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, London) and the contributors to the collection by Potter (theater, Marymount Manhattan Coll.) are well aware of this problem and take different approaches to solving it. Marshall tends to focus on the inner being and the actor's inner response. Concepts such as "finding the center," "discovering the rhythm," and "focusing your energy" are cited throughout, along with physical and practical exercises and activities that will help actors use their bodies effectively to communicate with the audience. As a collection, Potter's book offers a variety of viewpoint and focus. For example, Mary Fleischer's article is about stillness-how to be silent, respond, return to stillness, and so on-while Marianne Kubik discusses Meyerhold's system of training actors and body movement. Theresa Lee examines the Alexander Technique. In all, there are 23 articles and almost as many approaches to body movement. Interestingly, both books discuss the importance of the synthesis of body and mind, discipline and spontaneity, and knowledge and instinct. Both works are highly recommended for all library theater collections and large public libraries.

Susan L. Peters, Univ. of Texas, Galvest

Available On:
Movement for Actors on Paperback

Publisher: Allworth Press

Released: 2002

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