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Movement Training for Actors - by Jackie Snow

Movement Training for Actors by Jackie Snow

"This book has strong appeal to movement teachers and students in a variety of theater departments" James Bundy, Dean, Yale School of Drama, US The RADA Guide to Movement for Actors illustrates a broad spectrum of approaches and encourages the development of multiple skills. This must-have resource for actors consists of a practical masterclass on movement from the Head of Movement at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, complete with video examples on a DVD. The book provides a complete curriculum on movement training: from 'pure movement', to games, Grotowski, Alexander, ballet, yoga and Feldenkreis. The author takes the reader through the practical steps, enabling the actor to master each technique and apply it to performance and character. The DVD contains video examples performed by acting students and a series of three mini masterclasses. A book to use as an aide memoir for technique, or as a textbook to base a movement course around.

Available On:
Movement Training for Actors on Paperback

Publisher: Methuen Drama

Released: 2012

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