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Milma's Tale - by Lynn Nottage

Milma's Tale by Lynn Nottage

Continuing in her tradition of crafting thought-provoking, socially-conscious dramas, Lynn Nottage?s latest offering tells the story of Mlima, a majestic elephant struck down by poachers for his tusks. Beginning in a game park in Kenya and traveling around the world to a billionaire?s penthouse in the West, the play tracks the trajectory of Mlima?s tusks through the ivory trade market while Mlima?s phantom follows close behind?marking all those involved as complicit in his death. Inspired by the real-life consequences of animal poaching, Mlima?s Tale is a piercing story of human cruelty born of greed and wavering values.

Available On:
Milma's Tale on Paperback

Publisher: Theatre Communications Group

Released: 2019

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