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Love Town - by Michael Kaplan

Love Town by Michael Kaplan


5m, 3f, Possible Cast Expansion / Interior

Sea Spray is a charming beach town, perfect for romantic getaways and cliff-side proposals. While tourists walk around with stars in their eyes, the locals take their lumps and watch their relationships fray and fizzle. Karl is a self-professed good guy who bought the little village dream for his wife, only to have her run off with the town aromatherapist. Now he's stuck with a quaint souvenir shop he never wanted, and the vengeful impulse to run it into the ground. As the local merchants scheme to drive Karl away, his bitter emporium becomes a safe haven for the romantically scarred men of Sea Spray.

"...Clever and funny, laced with jokes. A quirky adult comedy that will stand on its own in any community"

- The Tribune

"[Love Town] unmasks the truth that lies beyond artificial social niceties, revealing an authenticity behind the brightly painted facade that little towns display to the world."

- New Times of the Central Coast

Available On:
Love Town on Paperback


Released: 2010

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