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Lady Godiva - by Judith Prior

Lady Godiva by Judith Prior

Set in the year 1012, act one and two, is an ante room in the castle of Mercia, home of Sir Leofric and Lady Godiva. Act three is set at the Coventry fair.

Based on Lady Godiva's famous ride through Coventry. Medieval maids, men in tights, a saucy serving wench with her eye on the young Master, a daughter expelled from boarding school and a husband who delights in taxing the peasants are just a few of the problems facing Lady Godiva.

The Friar from Coventry Abbey is trying to raise money for a new organ... his old one has developed a slow leak. How the characters conspire to trick their mean master, Lord Leofric into becoming the benefactor of Coventry Cathedral is as devious as it is delightful.

The piece is meant to be very much, tongue in cheek, stand up comedy. The actors should include the audience as much as possible, most lines can be said directly out to the audience. Little or no set or props are needed, and the costuming may be as simple or as ostentatious as the director requires.

Available On:
Lady Godiva on Paperback

Publisher: Players Press

Released: 2000

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