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Improvise - Scene from the Inside Out - by Mick Napier

Improvise - Scene from the Inside Out by Mick Napier

For more than 20 years of directing, teaching, and participating in improvisation, Mick Napier has watched thousands of scenes. His experience as founder of the acclaimed Annoyance Theatre/Annoyance Productions, as well as Resident Director and Artistic Consultant for The Second City, has led him to continually question why and how scenes work or don't work and what one must do in order for a scene to be successful.

In this book, Napier takes an irreverent, but constructive look at the art and practice of improvised scenes. He covers such topics as:

two-person scenes

group scenes

entering scenes

techniques to achieve richer, more layered scenes


solo exercises for practice at home.

Napier also challenges the conventional wisdom of the rules of improvisation, examining what's behind them and how they came to be in the first place.

Get helpful, tangible guidelines for bringing strength and direction to your scenes. Just Improvise.

Available On:
Improvise - Scene from the Inside Out on Paperback

Publisher: Heinemann Drama

Released: 2004

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