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Ile - by Eugene O'Neill, William-Alan Landes

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Ile by Eugene O'Neill, William-Alan Landes

Eugene Gladstone O'Neill was an American playwright, and Nobel laureate in Literature. His poetically titled plays were among the first to introduce into American drama techniques of realism earlier associated with Russian playwright Anton Chekhov, Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, and Swedish playwright August Strindberg. His plays were among the first to include speeches in American vernacular and involve characters on the fringes of society, where they struggle to maintain their hopes and aspirations, but ultimately slide into disillusionment and despair. O'Neill wrote only one well-known comedy (Ah, Wilderness!). Nearly all of his other plays involve some degree of tragedy and personal pessimism.

Available On:
Ile on Paperback

Publisher: Players Press

Released: 2006



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