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Hundred Feet Tall - by Benjamin Scheuer

Hundred Feet Tall by Benjamin Scheuer

Guess How Much I Love You meets Someday in this gentle read-aloud picture book that shows us that with just the right amount of care and support, even the smallest of seeds can grow to stand one hundred feet tall.

Thanks for the love that you’ve shown me

Right now I’m so very small

But with water and light

I will keep gaining height

And then one day I’ll stand at a hundred feet tall

Hundred Feet Tall is a tender ode to the power of unconditional, immutable love. Because no matter how small you are now, with patience and persistence, with encouragement and devotion, you, too, will someday grow strong.

Available On:
Hundred Feet Tall on Hardcover

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Released: 2020

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