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Glengarry Glen Ross - by David Mamet

Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet

Winner of the 1984 Pulitzer Prize, David Mamet’s scalding comedy is about small-time, cutthroat real estate salesmen trying to grind out a living by pushing plots of land on reluctant buyers in a never-ending scramble for their fair share of the American dream. Here is Mamet at his very best, writing with brutal power about the tough life of tough characters who cajole, connive, wheedle, and wheel and deal for a piece of the action—where closing a sale can mean a brand new Cadillac but losing one can mean losing it all. This masterpiece of American drama is now a major motion picture starring Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Alan Arkin, Alec Baldwin, Jonathan Pryce, Ed Harris, and Kevin Spacey.

Available On:
Glengarry Glen Ross on Hardcover Glengarry Glen Ross on Paperback

Publisher: Grove Press

Released: 1994

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