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Frost/Nixon: A Play - by Peter Morgan

Frost/Nixon: A Play by Peter Morgan

By 1972 Richard Nixon had ended the Vietnam war, achieved diplomatic breakthroughs with Russia and China, presided over a period of economic stability at home, and was on the verge of a landslide re-election . . . until he decided to cover up a third-rate burglary. Watergate was one of the largest scandals in American history and two years later Nixon would resign the presidency--but with neither an admission of guilt nor any sign of remorse.

In a drama "as thought-provoking as it is gripping and entertaining" (Charles Spencer, The Daily Telegraph), acclaimed screenwriter Peter Morgan examines how a British playboy, talk-show host managed what no other journalist or prosecutor could: to extract a confession from our most notorious statesman.

Available On:
Frost/Nixon: A Play on Paperback

Publisher: Faber & Faber

Released: 2007

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