The Fall of Heaven - by Walter Mosley

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The Fall of Heaven by Walter Mosley

Dramatic comedy.

Cahracters: 3 male, 2 female.

A hip and inventive new play by Walter Mosley,

best-selling author of more than 25 books and

most widely known for his popular Easy Rawlins

mysteries, including "Devil in a Blue Dress".

Tempest Landry, a street-wise young man living

in Harlem, unexpectedly finds himself at the

Pearly Gates. When Saint Peter orders him to

hell, the quick-witted Tempest refuses to go.

A technical loophole forces heaven to send

Tempest back to Earth with an angel in tow to

keep him out of trouble. The resulting battle

of wills takes an intriguing look at good versus

evil and what it means to be human. . The Fall of Heaven, is a stunning success. Mosley deftly reworks "The Tempest Tales" into an incendiary piece of theatre that's both enthralling and engaging, drawing in the audience and never letting them go."

"The Fall of Heaven is one hell of a show"

"The Fall of Heaven is an auspicious stage debut that will entertain audiences [and] could mark the rise of Walter Mosley as a powerful contemporary voice on the American stage." -City Beat

"Engaging, fantastical morality play...take a well-worn theme - deceased returns to Earth with angelic guidance - and add the inimitable voice of Walter Mosley, best known for his series of Easy Rawlins suspense novels, and a nearly cliché mise-en-scène becomes a rich playground for examination of moral greys, along with a healthy dose of American racial politics." -St. Louis Magazine

Available On:
The Fall of Heaven on Paperback

Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 2011



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