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Exits And Entrances - by Athol Fugard

Exits And Entrances by Athol Fugard

"A thought-provoking, elegant, and engrossing new play by Athol Fugard."-The Hollywood Reporter

"A rare playwright, who could be a primary candidate for either the Nobel Prize in Literature or the Nobel Peace Prize."-The New Yorker

"Athol Fugard can say more with a single line than most playwrights convey in an entire script. One phrase from his new play, 'He's dying of unimportance,' relates to an offstage character, but it also strikingly sums up the slow, painful decline of its fading actor protagonist. More than that, it dramatizes the fear of all people who no longer feel admired, needed, or wanted."-Variety

This new play about life and art by renowned playwright Athol Fugard is based on his early friendship with actor Andrew Huegonit, considered the finest classical actor of their native South Africa. Taking place mostly in dressing rooms over a five-year period between 1956 and 1961, it is the story of the one great artist's exit from the stage just as another was beginning his career in the theater. Exits and Entrances is the 13th Fugard title published by Theatre Communications Group since 1985, with over 93,000 copies of his work sold to date.

Available On:
Exits And Entrances on Paperback

Publisher: Dramatist's Play Service

Released: 2005

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