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Egad, The Woman In White - by Tim Kelly

Egad, The Woman In White by Tim Kelly

Melodrama, Full Length / 3m, 7f. This laugh oriented, old fashioned melodrama is based on Wilkie Collins' classic and it's wild, fast and funny. It features a disreputable (and hilarious) villain who dispatches his adversaries with nefarious ease and even seals his wife in a madhouse to steal her vast fortune! He battles a wicked countess in one of the most uproarious fight scenes ever staged! When all else fails, he engineers mock funerals. But he's scared of the mysterious "woman in white" who's escaped from the asylum to seek him out. Abandoned wives, insolent servants, lawyers, hypochondriacs and manly drawing masters parade across the stage in gales of comedy terminating only when the villain is brought to justice in an audience cheering, outrageous and spectacular finale. Designed for an easy rehearsal schedule and simple production, this delight is suitable for all groups looking for a play that's fun to perform.

Available On:
Egad, The Woman In White on Paperback Egad, The Woman In White on iTunes

Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 1975

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