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Drama, Mystery/Thriller, Full Length / 4m, 1f. Dust is an edge-of-your-seat thriller. Martin is an executive with money and a paunch. Zeke, a gifted young man torn down by drugs, is an ex-con with street smarts and a minimum wage position. Early one morning, in the fitness center of the Essex House, a battle-of-wills begins over the most trivial of requests. As described in The New York Times review: "Verbal sparring turns angry, posturing leads to entrenched positions, and out of nothing - out of dust - a grudge match is born." Once Martin's daughter Jenny becomes entangled, the stakes are raised even higher - escalating a war for respect into one for revenge and ultimately survival. Who will be standing when the dust settles?

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Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 2009

Buy Dust on Amazon Buy Dust on iTunes

Music Review: Ricky Asch Covers Corinne Bailey Rae's LIKE A STAR In His Own Brand Of Star Dust by Bobby Patrick - June 01, 2023

In all, though, Ricky Asch’s rendition of LIKE A STAR is a smooth, sultry dance take on Corinne BR’s original and well worth having in your streams and headphones



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