Dirty Work at the Crossroads - by Bill Johnson

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Dirty Work at the Crossroads by Bill Johnson

Melodrama, Full Length / 3m, 7f. This play tells in laughable style the tear jerking story of Nellie Lovelace, an innocent country girl. Munro, the viper, has a wife in Ida Rhinegold, belle of the New Haven Music Halls, but that does not prevent him from pursuing Nellie and tearing her from the arms of her dying mother (whom he has poisoned). Nor does it prevent him from driving Adam Oakhart, the blacksmith's son, to drink, from blackmailing rich Mrs. Asterbilt, or from bewitching her daughter, Leonie. There are a number of places in the plot where old time songs are introduced. The text contains full directions for production. Suggestions for the music, all business tableaux, curtain calls, etc., are there. May be performed by all male or female casts which add to its mirth provoking possibilities.

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Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 1942



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