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Dead City - by Sheila Callaghan

Dead City by Sheila Callaghan

Comedy, Full Length Play / 3m, 4f. It's June 16, 2004. Samantha Blossom, a chipper woman in her 40s, wakes up one June morning in her Upper East Side apartment to find her life being narrated over the airwaves of public radio. She discovers in the mail an envelope addressed to her husband from his lover, which spins her raw and untethered into an odyssey through the city.... a day full of chance encounters, coincidences, a quick love affair, and a fixation on the mysterious Jewel Jupiter. Jewel, the young but damaged poet genius, eventually takes a shine to Samantha and brings her on a midnight tour of the meat-packing district which changes Samantha's life forever

Available On:
Dead City on Paperback Dead City on iTunes

Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 2009

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