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Coming Apart - by Fred Carmichael

Coming Apart by Fred Carmichael

Full Length, Romantic comedy 2 m., 2 f. Int. From the author of Exit the Body and Out of Sight . . . Out of Murder comes a funny, refreshing and delightful romantic comedy which opens with the Kittridges saying simultaneously, "I want a divorce!" Both are conceited and rightly so: Colin is a successful humor columnist and Frances an equally successful romance novelist. There is rivalry between them and although they are still in love, each is too stubborn to give an inch. Stage right features an area into which they wander to play other scenes and other times. Here hilarious differences emerge as each remembers a different version of their meeting and the marriage proposal and each pictures a different future. They confide in Sylvia, their mutual agent, and in Bert, a financier who hears Colin's troubles at the club. The Kittridges played matchmaker for this couple whose help only complicates matters. Frances and Colin's attempts to divide their belongings as they continue to live in the same apartment for a six month waiting period are paralleled in a book Frances is writing called 'How to Survive a Marriage'. Startling revelations bring about a warm and mirthful happy ending.

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Coming Apart on Paperback Coming Apart on iTunes

Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 1994

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