Clothes Encounters - by Roger Karshner

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Clothes Encounters by Roger Karshner Buy Clothes Encounters on Amazon

Comedy, Farce 3m, 2f Interior When Alan Masters, a real estate broker, shows a property to Betty Parker, she is inadvertently soaked by a misdirected shower requiring her to disrobe. Unbeknownst to Alan, his wife, Kathy, also a broker, arrives to show the property to Betty's husband, Ralph, who also falls victim to the goofy shower. Betty and Ralph, scantily clad in the homeowners' clothing, must be kept out of each other's way by the artful, ridiculous machinations of Alan and Kathy. The farce is a mixture of double meanings, mistaken identities and sexual innuendo whose plot is further intensified by the presence of Heinz, a well-meaning but bumbling handyman. The situation is a riotous whirlwind that resolves itself to the satisfaction of all.

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Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 2006

Buy Clothes Encounters on Amazon Buy Clothes Encounters on iTunes



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