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Chronicles by Don Nigro

Full Length, Comic Drama 4 m, 5 f Unit set In 1920 the Pendragons gather for the first time in years at the crumbling family mansion in Ohio where Matt Armitage lies dying. As his daughter Dorothy, who can neither hear nor speak, provides a running commentary which is heard only by the audience, her wild sister Jessie chases their half brother John Rose from room to room and tries to fathom what betrayal is behind her father's refusal to speak to her mother. Uncle David, an eccentric poet, is back from scouring Europe for a lost girl. John Rhys Pendragon, the journalist, broods over his wife's death and the loss of his beloved daughter. Sister Lizzy bustles around trying to feed everybody while enduring her own grief as Sarah, the housekeeper, is being driven mad by the confusion. Trapped in the labyrinth of a darkly cruel history, these people nevertheless love each other and make each other laugh. Richly textured and intricately woven through time and space, this funny and moving addition to the author's series the Pendragon Plays.

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Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 2003

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