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Choreographing the Stage Musical - by Margot Sunderland

Choreographing the Stage Musical by Margot Sunderland

'Choreographing the Stage Musical' combines the knowledge, experience and talent of two very special authors: Margot Sutherland (six years the Lecturer and then Senior Lecturer in Dance at the Nonington College of Higher Education who lectured on both the Performing Arts and Human Movement Studies degrees and who was co-director of the Stage Musical Course); and Kenneth Pickering, a director of numerous plays, musicals and operas and who has written the book and lyrics for 3 successful stage mucicals: Ulysses, Beowulf and Mothers and Daughters. This book, wonderfully illustrated by Phil Engleheart, is a comprehensive analysis of the problems facing the choreographer. The authors examine the rhythmic and melodic structure of the dance routines. They demonstrate the inter-action of dance, music and acting. Throughout, the book is illustrated by drawings of figure groupings and by diagrams showing movement on the stage. The appendices provide detailed analysis of five musicals and show how the choreographer works to prepare the dance routines. they also give a bibliography of books, tapes and videos. The books is intended primarily for those who wish to specialise in this aspect of theatre. At the same time, not every production has the services of a trained choreographer and the Director and Musical Director may find the task resting with them. They too will find what they need in Choreographing the Stage Musical. The book assumes no previous experience in dance. Chapters: Preface; Introduction - Including a Glossary of Basic Terms used in the Book; 1. How and when to move in songs; 2. Choreography for the Accompanying Chorus during the Song or Dance; 3. General Vocabulary; 4. Physical Contact; 5. Groupings and Designs; 6. Regular Formations; 7. Dealing with the Co-existence of Groups; 8. Transition Techniques; 9. Using Music and Structuring Time; 10. The Role of Properties, the Set and the Costume in Choreography; 11. Pre-Planning and Rehearsing Choreography. Appx1&2

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Publisher: Theatre Arts Books

Released: 1990

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