Buoyant Billions - by George Bernard Shaw

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Buoyant Billions by George Bernard Shaw Buy Buoyant Billions on Amazon

"They believe in personal immortality as far as any mortal can

believe in an unimaginable horror. They have a cohort of Slate

Writers and Writing Mediums in whose hands a pencil of any sort

will, apparently of its own volition, write communications,

undreamt-of by the medium, that must, they claim, be supernatural.

It is objected to these that they have neither novelty, profundity,

literary value nor artistic charm, being well within the capacity

of very ordinary mortals, and are therefore dismissed as fraudulent

on the ground that it is much more probable that the mediums are

pretending and lying than performing miracles." Sample from Buoyant Billions.

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Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Released: 2011

Buy Buoyant Billions on Amazon



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