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Broadway Nights - by Seth Rudetsky

Broadway Nights by Seth Rudetsky

It’s been said (actually, it’s been sung), that when a Broadway baby says goodnight, it’s early in the morning. But what about those Broadway nights? The thrill of being on stage, the adulation, the applause, the stage door fanatics… Stephen Sherrin has no such life. Sure, he dallies on the Great White Way, but when he does have a job it’s beneath the stage, subbing in the orchestra pit. Other parts of his life are the pits, too—including his love life. Why does he always date men who already have boyfriends? But now Stephen has been given the chance of a lifetime: to be the music director on a brand-new, Broadway-bound show. He couldn’t be happier. Trouble is, Stephen doesn’t do happiness well.

Available On:
Broadway Nights on Hardcover Broadway Nights on Paperback

Publisher: Vantage Point

Released: 2011

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