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Bridal Terrorism - by Bill Rosenfield

Bridal Terrorism by Bill Rosenfield

Comedy / 3m, 3f / Simple exterior Lionel anticipates a quiet afternoon in the park. Just as he settles on a bench with a book, an armed woman in a wedding gown approaches with her bridal retinue. May has booked the church and the reception hall. All she needs is a groom and Lionel looks like a good prospect. He is not keen on the idea but May and her wedding party are persistent. Lionel eventually gives in, but May has second thoughts when he discloses that he lives in an institution and has only been allowed out for the afternoon. The wedding party huddles and the bride's mother proposes they head for the reservoir to find a better groom. Lionel, happy his ruse was effective, picks up his book.

Available On:
Bridal Terrorism on Paperback Bridal Terrorism on iTunes

Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 1991

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