Borderline Crazies - by Leo W. Sears

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Borderline Crazies by Leo W. Sears Buy Borderline Crazies on Amazon

Comedy / 3m, 3f / Interior Ellen hopes to ski and put some spark into her dull marriage to Stu, an efficiency author, while at Lake Tahoe in a rustic cabin owned by Stu's publisher. They are startled when a horror author and his sexy wife also arrive at the apparently double-booked cabin. The women immediately bond but the men squabble like spoiled two-year-olds and devise several wagers to determine who stays and who goes. Before anyone can leave, a police officer reports that a snowstorm has closed the roads and an axe murderer is on the loose. Stranded with no phone, no television and no radio, the writers may kill each other before the murderer gets to them. It's an avalanche of laughter with more twists and turns than a giant slalom.

Available On:
Borderline Crazies on Paperback Borderline Crazies on iTunes

Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 1999

Buy Borderline Crazies on Amazon Buy Borderline Crazies on iTunes



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